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Architectural Woodwork:
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Attention to that kind of detail is the watchword in this mill. The lumber is all nominally sized to obtain standard pieces before it is profiled. A slower feed rate is used, which allows operators to keep the detail sharp and accurate and to inspect each piece individually as comes through. A special profile sander ensures that all pieces hold the profile perfectly, even after sanding.

Their in-depth understanding of both the industry and architectural milling often leads to improved costs on a large project. "There are ways to still have the perfect finish needed for five star quality, yet save money through intelligent use of the wood and milling," explained Rhyner. "We consult to the designer or contractor on design detail. A change of just one sixteenth of an inch on a crown or a base can save 20 percent on the lumber cost."

"Heppner's experience in the field and the volume of work they do allows them to be competitive without sacrificing the quality we demand," said Paden of ISEC.

Heppner provided the architectural millwork for two of the top five hospitality projects in 2001 – the Omni Hotel in San Francisco and the St Regis Monarch Beach Resort at Dana Point in California. Other recent projects include - The Bellagio Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, The Sheraton-Grand in Sacramento, the SeaTac Hilton in Seattle and the Grand Tiara in Japan.

Creating the top-grade wood moldings and architectural elements needed for five star projects requires the finest quality woods. "We purchase only the finest grades of red oak and hard maple, cherry, black walnut, white oak, from the northeastern part of North America," said Brent Heppner, who purchases all the wood. "We also have a selection of woods from around the world – makore, aniegre, and zebrawood."

"Adding the warmth of hardwood details creates an environment where guests feel comfortable and welcome," said Lorraine Heppner. "And the enduring beauty of natural wood not only provides tranquility today, but will continue to communicate its beauty for generations to come."